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The Techno Pitch will be held for the second time in 2019 as part of hotelforum and the “UPGRADE” Award will be presented by hotelforum in cooperation with the team from DerProfitester and Gastgewerbe magazine. 
5-6 pitch participants will be making presentations to the conference audience at 10-minute intervals: 5 minutes’ presentation time and 5 minutes’ Q&A by an expert jury.

Prizes will be awarded to start-ups that use smart and digital technologies to sustainably “upgrade”

  • processes, operational performance and the guest experience in the hotel and tourism industry,
  • processes and operating performance in planning and hotel development, as well as in the finished hotel property.

Participation conditions for applying for the pitch: Booking one of the start-up packs. The jury will nominate 5-6 start-ups among the applicants for the pitch. Booking a start-up pack does not automatically entitle you to take part in the Techno Pitch.

The jury of experts:
Hotel industry:
Dr. Constantin Rehberg, Chief Digital Officer, prizeotel
Institutional investor:
Kirsten Falke, Head of Digitalisation, Business Development and Processes, Union Investment 
Hotel operator:
Pierre Beckerich, Owner of Yooma Lounge
Christian Fiedler, Managing Director, DerProfitester/Gastgewerbe-Magazin
Sandra Lederer, dep. Editor-in-Chief at hotelbau

The prizes will be awarded in the Palaishalle after the CEO presentation at the end of the day’s programme, and will be displayed via screens in the exhibitor area.
The prizes:

  • Sponsorship of Young Professional membership in the “Arbeitskreis Hotelimmobilien” (a hotel properties working group) in 2020 (hotelforum)
  • 1 start-up exhibitor pack at hotelforum 2020 (hotelforum)
  • Photo shooting event and a 2-page company portrait in the Gastgewerbe-Magazin and on derprofitester.de (DerProfitester) 
  • Company portrait in the hotelbau trade magazine (hotelbau)


For the first time, 2018 smart digital technologies were recognised which enhance processes, operational excellence and guest experience in the hotel and tourism industry. The Award was presented for the first time as part of the hotelforum conference programme presented on 10 October 2018. Six startups - Gronda, Hotelhero, HOTELSHOP.one, Robotise, sleeperoo and UpsellGuru - pitched their ideas to a jury of hotel, trade and industry representatives.

The winner was the HOTELSHOP.one startup, a simple but convincing idea to make an overnight stay into a shopping experience for guests . Now hotel mattresses, decorative elements or cosmetics can be ordered directly from the hotel’s online shop that is located in the hotel itself. The platform makes it possible to extend the value chain, build customer relationships and enhance brand experiences.

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