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hotelforum presents the Hospitality UPGRADE Award 2020 for start-ups in cooperation with GNERATOR powered by GIRA

12 Aug 2020

Press release 

hotelforum presents the Hospitality UPGRADE Award 2020 for start-ups in cooperation with GNERATOR powered by GIRA

Five nominees will be competing with one another in a techno-pitch during the hotelforum conference held on 7 October.

Applications can be submitted by 6 September.


Munich, 7 August 2020 – hotelforum, the European conference for hotel and property experts, together with the magazine Gastgewerbe Magazin, will be handing out the Hospitality UPGRADE Award for the third time, and for the first time in cooperation with GNERATOR powered by GIRA. The prize will be presented to the winner of the techno-pitch that is to be held on 7 October during the hotelforum conference.


Andreas Martin, Managing Director of hotelforum management GmbH: “Together with Gastgewerbe Magazin, we have been supporting young start-ups in the last three years which use digital technologies to offer innovative solutions for the entire value chain, starting from the development of a hotel, through to its operation, and further still. I am very pleased that we will also be endorsed by a partner from the industry this year for the first time in the shape of GNERATOR powered by GIRA.”


We are looking for tech start-ups from the European area that use their digital solutions, tools and systems, as well as new future-orientated business models, to revolutionise and sustainably improve the following hotel sectors: processes and performance in operational hotel management, guest experience for hotel guests before, during and after their stay in the hotel, as well as processes, products and services of the property, energy and construction sectors that are relevant for hotel projects and hotel operations.


Markus Fromm-Wittenberg, start-up ambassador for the start-up initiative GIRA GNERATOR: “The prize is aimed at start-ups that have set themselves the task of bringing forward innovative solutions in the hospitality sector, which for instance offer digitalisation to optimise processes or the establishment of new client experiences, or even entirely new approaches for this industry. There are no creative boundaries; this is about incremental but also disruptive approaches. This is the only way for industries to grow beyond their own limits. We at GNERATOR are committed to ensuring that established industries form a sustainable symbiosis with start-ups in order to develop new innovative solutions for the benefit of customers. We will happily support the winning start-up with our extensive network and our experience and will stand beside them as mentors going forward.”

Start-ups are eligible to participate that have an innovative digital product for the hospitality industry, were established within the last five years, and can present a scalable business model. Applications can be made under https://hospitalitypioneers.de/hotelforum-upgrade-award-engl


An advisory board made up of experts in the areas of hotel development and operation, specialist planners, financing, research, IT and media will nominate five start-ups among all the applications submitted which will compete with one another in the techno-pitch during the hotelforum conference held on 7 October. The winner of the Hospitality UPGRADE Award 2020, which will be chosen by an expert jury, will receive a fellowship with mentoring and network access in the GIRA GNERATOR, exhibitor space at hotelforum 2021, as well as a one-year junior membership of the Hotel Properties Working Group.


More information about hotelforum:
hotelforum is the European Hotel Development Conference, which for 18 years now has been a regular annual feature accommodating networking and exchanges between experts when it comes to hotel properties. hotelforum will continue to offer a highly qualified communication platform even as a virtual conference with a live stage, and will consist of a varied stage programme, breakout sessions, opportunities for exhibitors, and various networking formats for the hospitality industry. It will culminate in the presentation of the “Hotel Property Award”. 2020’s event will be held on Wednesday, 7 October. YYou will find more information at http://www.hotelforum.org/en.


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